Human Resource Development

        Human Resource Development is one of the primary tasks of Bangladesh Ansar-VDP as stipulated in the relevant ordinance. The organization having about 4.9 million members constitute a sizable part of the population and most of them come from the rural and least earning segment of the society. With a per capita income of $ 520 ( and 40% of the population living below the poverty line (, it is understood that most of the members of the organization are poor. 50% of the members are female and considered to be non-earning or least earning, dependent and liabilities.

        Bangladesh Ansar-VDP is committed, devoted and engaged in turning the liabilities in to assets through vocational training, micro credit and capacity building. The journey of this capacity building begins at the threshold of Ansar-VDP members and explores up to their income generating activities (IGA). The members receive 10 days basic training in their own villages where they are motivated and stimulated to treasure on their moral and ethical values, oriented with various avenues and opportunities of income generation and energized to rediscover their latent potentials to stand on their own feet.  Subsequently they can receive specialized trainings on computer, tailoring, sewing, boutique, electrician, freeze-TV mechanic, motor driving, poultry, farming, fishery, nursery etc. free of any cost. Once they are trained, skilled and confident they are provided with micro credit from Ansar-VDP Unnayan Bank for individual or group level small enterprises.
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