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Where ?

Ansar-VDP Academy is about 50 km form Dhaka city on the Gazipur-Kaliakoir highway and about 3km away from ‘Chandara roundabout’ on the Dhaka- Tangail highway. One can reach from Dhaka by road within 60-80 minutes.

What ?

There are 42 picnic spots including one for VIPs only. All the spots are green, shady, clean, calm and free of public presence. These spots are perfect for any family get together and organizational assembly. One can enjoy an enchanting picturesque beauty, enormous green, gentle breeze, chirping of birds, sweet smell of wild flowers and herbs. Nature is ready to unveil its enormous wealth in removing your fatigue and refreshing your mind.

When ?

The spots can be used round the year with prior endorsement from Headquarters, Bangladesh Ansar & VDP except for a short duration of 2 weeks during national rally of Bangladesh Ansar-VDP, usually in the mid of February.

How ?

For availing the Picnic/Shooting Spots, you need to apply on a prescribed format and paying in advance a fixed amount through bank draft/pay order in favour of Director Training, Headquarters, Bangladesh Ansar & VDP. The process of booking a spot is as under:

  • Application to Director Training, Ansar-VDP HQ, Khilgaon, Dhaka. Application form is available in this web site which you can download and print for use. The form is also available at the Training Directorate at the Headquarter.


  • Picnic Spot fee : To know the picnic spot fees please click here.
  • Shooting Spot fee is Tk 10,000/- (ten thousand) per day.
  • Detail information/instructions are available on the second page of the application form. 
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